Marty Nohe - commuter lot ribbon cutting

Since 2013, as Chairman of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, Supervisor Nohe secured $109 million for Route 28, Route 1, VRE & PRTC/OmniRide.

  • Expanded Commuter Lot Parking to encourage mass transit, carpooling, and slugging
  • Cut the BPOL tax on small businesses to encourage job growth within Prince William County
  • Led the fight to increase school funding as part of the county’s revenue sharing agreement
  • Adopted policies to ensure there were no reductions in services for Public Safety agencies, Child Protective Services, and our public libraries in the current budget


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  • Strengthened our Police Department by adding 25 new officers in the FY2015 Budget alone.
  • Fortified our Public Safety with the addition of 35 new Fire and Rescue Staff including 24-hour Tanker & Ambulance Units at Coles Fire Station and a 24-hour Paramedic Unit at Yorkshire Fire Station.
  • Served as the gubernatorial appointee to the State Executive Council for Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Their Families.


  • $1.5 Billion in new economic development in Prince William County over the last two years, creating thousands of new jobs and improving our commercial tax base
  • Greatest recovery of housing values in Northern Virginia since the losses of the Great Recession
  • Increased the county’s level of service proffer guidelines to ensure that new development pays for its share of infrastructure
  • Required developers to pay for transportation upgrades before houses are built and to donate land for new schools
  • Championed rural economic development policies to encourage the creation of agricultural based businesses consistent with the county’s rural crescent policies
  • Balanced the budget earning 3 AAA Bond Ratings – a distinction given to less than 1% of jurisdictions nationwide
  • Halted the growth of local Government to an average 1.1% over the last ten budget cycles by focusing on core missions: transportation, public safety and education and improved efficiencies countywide
  • Prioritized the county’s strategic plan to ensure that education, public safety, and transportation are our top priorities
  • Supported a school budget that gives preference to class size reduction and teacher compensation as our top education spending priorities
  • Secured over 230 acres of protected natural open space in the Coles District
  • Opened the Doves Landing property as a resource based passive use park after being closed to the public for 17 years
  • Constructed a new multi-use turf field for football, lacrosse, and soccer at Saunders Middle School
  • Upgraded 15 existing sports fields making them accessible to community leagues with an additional 19 fields slated for upgrades saving taxpayers millions versus new field construction
  • Opened the county’s expanded green energy power plant at the county landfill to increase Prince William’s efforts to turn trash into power generating up to 10 megawatts of electricity entirely from landfill gas


lake jackson dam party august 2014 (34)
  • Secured state and local funding for the complete repair of the Lake Jackson Dam
  • Spearheaded the expansion of the Dale City Farmer’s Market to be open year round
  • Initiated new community programs at the historic Lucasville School
  • Began construction of a new picnic pavilion at Independent Hill Library
  • Lead the Board’s efforts to implement safe and responsible deer management practices


Voted “Best Public Servant 2014” by the readers of Prince William Today and



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$1.5 Billion in New Economic Development in Prince William County over the last two years

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