Supervisor Nohe Chats with Dr. Gridlock

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The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority is a major player in developing the D.C. region’s travel network. But it bankrolls projects, rather than building them.

So the authority doesn’t get much attention unless it’s about to hand out money.

Robert Thomson is The Washington Post’s “Dr. Gridlock.” He answers travelers’ questions, listens to their complaints and shares their pain on the roads, trains and buses in the Washington region.

And it’s about to hand out major money — a couple hundred million dollars.

There’s nothing like the authority in the Washington area, and there probably should be, because it forces local representatives to battle out regional priorities and pick winners in public.

The authority provides a forum for debates about what’s a big-bang project and what congestion relief means.

I invited Martin Nohe, the authority’s chairman, to participate in my weekly online discussion, taking questions from me as well as from readers.

This is an edited transcript of my questions and Nohe’s answers.

The full chat is online

Thank you to all who attended


Last evening, Kris and I were honored to host Congressman Rob Wittman in our home. We were joined by Chairman Corey Stewart, Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, Mayor Hal Parrish, and School Board Member Betty Covington in welcoming Rob to Prince William County for this event. Rob has done a great job representing PWC in Congress, and I am proud to call him a friend.


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Transportation Throwback Thursday


In August of 2013, Marty appeared on News Channel 8 in his capacity as Chairman of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority to discuss the recently passed Virginia General Assembly transportation bill HB 2313.  This interview took place shortly after the legislation was passed, since then Marty has brought home over $109 million to Prince William County in order to help our commuters get home faster.

Firehouse Primary Update


We are voting TONIGHT to schedule a “Firehouse Primary” for April 25 at Coles Volunteer Fire Department to replace the Primary that was cancelled due to an administrative error on the party of our Party. It is very important that this issue get resolved this evening so that we can start educating voters about how to make their vote count.

Primary Update


So we got some disappointing news today. On Friday afternoon, a Circuit Court Judge ruled that he does not have the authority to require that the Prince William Board of Elections hold a Coles District Supervisor primary in my election, or primaries in the Sheriff, Chairman, or Potomac District Supervisor races. Despite the fact that our campaigns met every deadline and complied with every procedure, including submitting the signatures of hundreds of Prince William County voters requesting that our names be placed on the June 9th Primary Ballot, a clerical error by our local Party Chairman may now prevent the Primaries from taking place as planned.

I describe this development as “disappointing” (rather than as “bad news”) because there is nothing about this situation that that will stop us from getting out our positive message about Prince William County to the voters. It merely means that we will likely have to go about it in a different manner, and in a shorter timeframe than originally expected.

It is disappointing because, although there are still a few scenarios under which the Primary may still take place, it now seems likely that we will have to compete in a special election process run by the party called a “Party Canvass” or “Firehouse Primary”. Unfortunately, these special nomination processes are held in a single location over only a few hours, and do not allow for absentee balloting. The reason that we have fought for the Primary to be held is that Sheriff Hill, Chairman Stewart, Supervisor Caddigan and I strongly believe that it is not right and not democratic to hold elections that make it impossible for our overseas military personnel to vote by absentee ballot, or that make it difficult for people with mobility issues, or who have unusual work schedules, to participate.

There is a lot of detail about how this happened that I won’t bother sharing here. What matters now is that, one way or another, I will continue to work for you to ensure that Prince William County continues to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Once a final decision is made about how this nomination process will proceed, I hope that I can count on YOUR support in helping spread the word about the good things that are happening in our County and making sure that everyone who wants to vote, knows how to make their vote count!

Thank you to everyone who has already called to voice their support. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve our great county!

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We’re going to be first on the ballot!

Today at noon was the first opportunity for candidates running in the June Primary to submit their paperwork and petitions. I am glad to say that I was the only Coles District candidate to turn in my petitions at noon, so I am guaranteed the first spot on the ballot!

Mr. Feldman’s Social Studies class

One of my very favorite days of the year is the day when I get to speak to Mr. Feldman’s Social Studies class at Osbourn Park High School. I often say that I love talking about our country, and I especially love talking about it with young people. Mr. Feldman does a great job of sparking his students’ curiosity and I am honored to have the opportunity to respond to their questions!

Mr. Feldman's Social Studies class



Prince William Republican Women’s Club

Thank you to the ladies of the Prince William Republican Women’s Club for welcoming me and several other candidates for local office to their meeting last evening. It was a great opportunity to see some old friends, meet some new ones, and share our thoughts about the future of our great County!

I was particularly grateful to our host, Amy Stilwell, for opening up her home, as well as for introducing me to her very bright home-schooled teenagers who took the time to tell me about their perspective on the County.

It was a fun evening and a great reminder of why I love serving our community.

99 Days Till Election!

I just realized that the polls close for the Coles District Supervisor Primary in exactly 99 days! Now that the countdown is into the double-digits, I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone who has already expressed their support for my re-election. I am very excited about the prospect of serving as your Supervisor for another term, and I hope that I can count on your vote on June 9th!